New vs Refurbished Medical Equipment

Advantages to buying Refurbished Equipment versus New:

  1. You will save a lot of money!

Buying anything that isn’t brand new will save you money, as you know.  But when we’re talking about something as expensive as medical equipment for an operating room, we’re talking about cutting your costs by thousands of dollars.

Consider buying your equipment from a reputable company like Utano Africa to safeguard your investment as well as guarantee the desired clinical requirements of the equipment.

That’s money saved that can be put towards other equipment & supplies.

  1. You are dealing with a person

When you choose to buy refurbished medical equipment from a company such as Utano Africa, you are dealing with real, live people who are there to assist you.  You will be treated as a valued customer.  The sales staff will guide you in buying the best device for your facility and for your budget.  Furthermore, Utano Africa offers nationwide service contracts for so you can opt to sign a service agreement so that we perform scheduled maintenance and certifications for your facility.

  1. Refurbished equipment still gets the job done

There is nothing more serious than surgery.  And nothing more frightening than the thought of a piece of equipment not operating properly during surgery.  But a new piece of equipment is not always “malfunction-free” and buying new versus refurbished does not ensure that it will be without failure.  At Utano Africa, we ensure that the equipment you get has been factory refurbished under the right standards.

  1. You get the warranty

When you purchase refurbished equipment from Utano Africa, you get a warranty with the purchase. As with any investment, new, used or refurbished, you always want to buy with a trusted source that guarantees quality.


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