Water bath(Digital) – 20l Stainless Steel

● Ideal for biotechnology, clinical, environmental,
medical, petroleum, food industry
● Stainless steel lid prevents evaporation & keeps
constant temperature
● Excellent uniformity & stability
● Seamless, corrosion-resistant,
stainless steal chamber
● Available in 10, 20 Liters
● Gable cover included.
● Incubate cultures
● Warn bacteriological media
● Perform chemical reactions
● Thaw samples.



The MRC stainless steel water bath are available in
2 sizes: 10 & 20 Liters. Model WBO-100 and WBO-200
unstirred bath are used for general applications in
laboratories. They provides excellent temperature
uniformity of the liquid. A PID temperature controller
provides instant and accurate temperature. The tank
of the bath is made of corrosion resistant stainless
steel with round corners for easy cleaning. Include
hood cover