About Us

Who We Are

Utano Africa is the brainchild of experienced players in the Zimbabwe Healthcare market with a dream of accessible healthcare options for Zimbabwe and for Africa as a whole. Utano aims to create a sustainable healthcare delivery model to enable access to healthcare across economic and social segments. This will be achieved via developing a supported, sustainable supply chain of Healthcare Products, Services and Ancillary components delivered to the point of need.

Our Vision
To create, promote and develop an inclusive healthcare model for Africa.

As Utano Africa, we will strive to be the best in terms of being a honest, cost-efficient provider of high-quality medical and health related services, equipment and consumables.

The Utano Philosophy
Utano Africa aims to introduce key innovations that make health care services more accessible and affordable for customers, improve the quality and coordination of health care services, and help individuals and their health providers access better healthcare.

Why Choose Us?

Fully qualified and accredited Biomedical team

Well equipped Biomedical Laboratory for analysis

Accredited with the Radiation Protection Authority of Zimbabwe

Multiple Service lines for institutions