How To Care For Your X-Ray Apron

How To Care For Your X-Ray Apron

Whether you already have an x-ray apron or you’re planning on purchasing one, it’s important to know the basic care requirements for keeping your x-ray apron intact. Understanding the proper x-ray apron care can result in longer use.

We’ve broken this post down into four simple recommendations to consider for how to care for your x-ray apron.


In a medical setting, it’s easy for protective apparel to get dirty. If your x-ray apron is dirty from blood or other bodily fluids, you should clean it as soon as possible. Using cold water and mild detergent, carefully wipe down your x-ray apron. Do not use bleach or any harsh chemicals, this can deteriorate and perhaps alter the effectiveness of protection. Do not autoclave, dry-clean or machine launder x-ray aprons.


X-Ray Apron Rack
Don’t fold, crease, drape, or sit down tightly on your x-ray aprons. We strongly recommend that our aprons are safely hung on a lead apron rack, hanger or equivalent storage unit. After storing your x-ray apron make sure to hook and loop any closure to avoid snagging or tearing of fabric. Storing aprons correctly can increase the life cycle of your x-ray aprons.


It’s recommended that lead aprons are to be checked fluoroscopically at least once a year to uphold standard performance. Checking x-ray aprons as often as possible is always best practice, the slightest crack can render the apron damaged.


Each apron that contains lead must be properly disposed. You can do this by contacting a disposal service who can properly discard lead material. Hazardous-waste carriers and certain handling companies have pick-up or drop-off services for unwanted aprons. Alternatively, all non-lead aprons can be disposed of in the regular garbage disposal. There is no need to contact a disposal service for non-lead aprons.

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