The Benefits of Transport Chairs

The Benefits of Transport Chairs

Wheelchairs are helpful for a number of different reasons, either temporary or permanent. Mobility challenges can have any number of causes, but the goal of wheelchairs and transport chairs is to allow the user to have as much independence and mobility as possible.

That being said, some people may wonder why a transport wheelchair, or transport chair, would be beneficial. These medical devices require another person to be with the user in order to push it and may not encourage completely independent movement. Transport chairs can be folded when not in use, making them easy to transport or store.

Using a Transport Chair for a Temporary Situation

The most common reason that people have a transport chair is for a temporary situation. For example, transport chairs are common for hospital use to help transport patients who have difficulty moving themselves, such as after surgery or an illness. Or, someone may have a transport chair for home use, if they’re recovering from surgery at home, or to use while running errands. In the case of a temporary situation, it may not be economical for someone to invest in an electric wheelchair.

If a wheelchair user wishes to have a chair with a slimmer profile or something smaller for smaller spaces, then having the option of a transport chair can allow them to go places they otherwise could not. While some people may find it easier to rent a power chair after arriving at a vacation destination, for example, other people may not have that option. Owning a transport chair means that the individual doesn’t have to rely on whether or not their destination has power chairs for rent to get around.

The Benefits of Transport Chairs are Numerous

One reason that someone requiring a wheelchair may opt for a travel chair instead would be convenience and cost. Transport chairs, as it says in the name, are designed to travel and can be stored in the trunk of a car easily. They don’t require a larger vehicle or a trailer to store the wheelchair. Some people who use an electric wheelchair may choose to have a transport chair, too, so that they can travel with other people who may not have a wheelchair-accessible vehicle.

Transport chairs are the least expensive models on the market, plus they are very lightweight, which may benefit people who have a caregiver who cannot lift or maneuver a heavier wheelchair. If a user has trouble using an electric wheelchair and requires a nurse or personal care assistant, then a transport chair may be the most practical option.

Do You Need a Transport Chair?

When independent mobility is impossible to achieve or for temporary situations, a transport chair is an inexpensive option to help you get around. At Utano Africa, we have the best transport chairs for your needs.

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