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NGO projects & special support2019-01-29T16:47:08+02:00

Donor Funded Projects, NGO Grants and Special Projects

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Utano Africa is a leader in managing Donor Funded Projects, NGO Grants and Special projects aimed in the Healthcare intervention in Zimbabwe and Africa, we have worked on projects with the likes of UNDP, USAID Funded Projects, JSI, Celebration Health (Arm of Celebration Churches) among many others inclusive of companies.

Our intervention include, choosing equipment that is compatible with the Zimbabwean Power requirements, supporting by providing technical support and training to make sure that the equipment has no downtime. The assurance and peace of mind that we give to special projects funders is key to project success as we can guarantee and stock on key parts and consumables.

We also offer assistance during project visualization as we can direct Funders on various aspects of a project which include picking the right equipment, picking the right hospitals, survey reports and also project assessments to make sure that project goals are being met.

You can contact our team to find out how we can be of assistance to you please do not hesitate to email us on