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What We Do

Utano Africa is a trusted partner to healthcare organizations, working across all stakeholders to improve engagement, collaboration, insights and outcomes. We know the regulatory and competitive challenges healthcare organizations face, we understand the economics of each industry sector and we work hand in hand with our clients to strengthen their performance and improve outcomes.

Supply & Installation

Medical equipment is highly complex and its technology is ever evolving. It demands a high level of knowledge of the precise installation measures, design standards and environmental conditions for proper functioning. These requirements present numerous design challenges while also considering the intricate logistics and lowering overall costs. . We can assist with product placement, installation and testing whether it is for the home or therapy environment. Our project management teams specialize in the coordination of installation for large quantities of products in the office or retail therapy environment.

Repairs, Parts & Maintenance

Medical equipment should be serviced according to manufacturers’ instructions. Usually, the operation manual informs the right service period of the device. Preventive maintenance typically includes an operational and functional check, electrical safety test and possible spare part change according to the manufacturer’s demands. During the service, we only use calibrated and traceable test equipment. We use only original spare parts during equipment maintenance and repair


Software Services & Configurations

We are experts in software diagnosis and installation for most medical systems. IT Support for medical offices requires more than just someone to solve computer problems. You need a team of IT experts who understand your medical practice who will work proactively to make sure your systems are secure and HIPAA Compliant, always up and running and communicating with the various software applications include practice management software, electronic health records and associated programs.


Who We Work With

Site Preparation

Utano Africa is continually dedicated to help clients meet the pre-installation requirements for highly complex medical equipment by supporting the processes of design, planning & monitoring in healthcare facility construction. We carry out:Documentation review and analysis of the installation requirements of medical equipment, Review of regulations associated with clinical services that have equipment with installation requirements, Review and comparison to architectural blueprints and specialties, Verification of each clinical service and equipment with installation requirement, Visitation of the construction site in the execution stage.

Radiation Survey

Our goal is to preventing accidental and unintended exposures, strengthening radiation safety culture and promoting reporting and learning systems. You can rely on Utano Africa to help maintain a compliant radiation safety program for today’s changing state, environmental and regulatory commission requirements. 


Power & Environmental Audits

Our range of health, safety, power and environmental audits are designed to guide you and your organisation through the latest changes in best practice and legislation. Our environmental audits aim to support and improve the environmental sustainability performance of your business by examining your policies, processes and practices and recommending improvements.