Interface and digital screen of FHR, TOCO, FM;

Type: 7” Color TFT LCD, adjustable

Resolution: 800*480

Built-in thermal recorder, 110*100mm

Print speed: 1, 2, 3 cm/min


1. light and compact design, simple to use front panel controls

2. 7TFT Color screen, folding 90 degree

3. The system setup can be done very easy and can be stored automatically

4. The internal line thermal printer can records FHR, TOCO, the life exceeds over 20years

5. A standard patient event marker and a clinical event marking button to separately mark Clinical events

6. Auto Fetal movement are available

7. Multi-crystals, wide beam form, high sensitivity ultrasound transducer, low ultrasound power, Safer to the fetal

8. AC or LI-battery operated

9. More than 42 hours data storage, then can be played and reprinted

10. Build-in interface to the central nurse station

Technical Specification

Fetal Heart Rate (FHR)

Parameters: FHR1, FHR2 (optional)

Measurement range: 50 – 240 bpm

Accuracy: ±2 bpm;

Sweep speed: X1, X2, X4, X8


9 crystals, pulsed Doppler, high sensitivity

Frequency: 1.0MHz

Probe: wired

Uterine Activity (TOCO)

Measurement range: 0 – 100

TOCO baseline: 0, 5, 10, 15, 20 (selectable)

Weight & Dimensions

Net Weight: 1.75kg

Dimensions: 295(D)*240(W)*75(H) mm

Standard Accessories

3 in 1 transducer (FHR.TOCO, FM) .

2 pcs of printer paper.

One power cable

Two bandages /three bandage (twin optional)

Second one transducer(optional)


3 Para (fetal monitor): FHR, TOCO, FM

6 Para (fetal/maternal monitor): FHR, TOCO, FM, MHR, SPO2, NIBP


Twins Probe, Fetus Waker, Touch Screen, Trolley, Wall Bracket


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