– Multiple operating modes for clinical operation

– Free choice of built-in consumable brands and custom brands

– Large wide-angle color LED alarm lights with clearly visible

alarm information from a distance

– Long battery life for continuous operation up to 24 hours

2. Accurate Safety

– lmported key components to ensure the safety, stability and durability of machine

– Feeding accuracy 15%

– The latest stable and safe system designed with C+P chip

architecture to provide nearly a million judgments in 24 hours

– Over 8000 historical records can be queried and exported

– Infrared detection: larger droplet viewing angle, multiple light

interference suppression, more accurate droplets

3. Wide Range of Adaptation

– A small form factor to ensure use in complex clinical settings

– Optional heating function

– Networkable with a central workstation

– Automatic flushing function to prevent pipeline blockage

– Adjustable KTO range

4. Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection

– Materials used in compliance with ROHS certification

– Integrated gallium nitride chip with a full core to provide more stable temperature control and higher efficiency

– Compliance with the latest national mandatory standard GB9706-2020 and related supporting standards


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