1. Air mode and Baby mode controlled by micro-computer

2. Use AC Power and DC Power alternatively, DC12V or DC 24V Power on the ambulance

3. Set temperature, air temperature, skin temperature and internal battery power can be displayed by LED separately

4. Double wall hood with side door

5. The infant bed can be pulled out easily

6. Natural air flow humidity

7. The height of whole unit is adjustable

8. Oxygen cylinder and Oxygen supply system

9. H14LED observe light, adjustable brightness

Technical Specifications


Power supply: AC110/220V, 60/50Hz

Power input: 450VA

Air temperature control range: 25℃~37℃ 37.1℃~38℃

Skin temperature control range: 32℃~37℃ 37.1℃~38℃

Air/Skin temperature sensor accuracy: ±0.3℃

Temperature fluctuation: ±1℃

Uniformity of mattress temperature: ≤1.5℃

Air temperature deviation alarm: ±3℃

Skin temperature deviation alarm: ±1℃

Warm-up time: ≤40min

Internal noise level: ≤60dB(A)

Mattress size: 63cm(L)*32cm(W)

Trough capacity: 1200mL

Air filter: 0.5μm


Main battery: DC12V 40AH, Li-ion battery

Charge time: 12hours

Battery use time: 2hours

Auxiliary battery: DC8.4V 0.17AH, Li-ion battery

Operating Condition

Environment temperature: 10℃~30℃

Environment relative humidity: 30%~75%

Environment air velocity of flow: <1m/s

Standard Configuration

Main body (including the Transparent hood, Double hood, Control system, Infant bed, Water trough, Skin temperature sensor, two Oxygen cylinders), I.V. pole, Mattress, Observe light

Optional Functions

Ambulance type big trolley


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