AJ11 Transcutaneous Jaundice Detector is a combination of advanced electronics and optical technology. It takes use of the correlation between percutaneous bilirubin concentration and serum bilirubin concentration. It is used for clinical dynamic examination of neonatal jaundice. It Noninvasive and immediate detection measurement prevent the discomfort of neonate blood drawing and reduces detection cost while increases clinicians working efficiency.


BLE data communication, neonate bilirubin graph display (hour-based)


– Portable and easy for use

– LED light source, longer life time with low power consumption

– Big font color display with sound indication

– Neonate bilirubin graph display (hour-based)

– Big area sensor, accurate measurement

– Simultaneous measurement result display

– Visual and Audible alarm

– Unique pressure calibration algorithm, there is no need of calibration at user’s side

– 20 sets of data storage, circularly review

– 5-min auto power off


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