Double side phototherapy for more effective radiation

Upside phototherapy and downside phototherapy can be used separately

Three levels to adjust the irradiation: Low, Medium, High

LCD screen of upside phototherapy unit displays therapy time with timer and countdown

Downside phototherapy unit adopts blue LED bulbs source and independent air-cooling fan

Upside phototherapy unit adopts big blue LED bulbs, uniform, efficient and long life

Protect boards of infant bed could be folded down for clinical use

Light head of upside phototherapy unit can be adjusted 360° horizontally and 180°vertically

Stand column could be adjusted ±360°

Anti-rusty aluminum alloy base

High irradiation, easy to operation and move

With drawers and lockable castors

The height of upside phototherapy is adjustable

Automatically record total used therapy time

Technical Data


Power supply: AC 100~240V±22V ,50/60Hz±1Hz

Power input: 45VA

Blue light wavelength: 440mm ~ 480mm

Life time of LED bulbs: ≥20000 hours

Height of upside phototherapy adjustable range: 1300mm~1600mm (From light head to floor)

Downside Phototherapy Unit

Highest total irradiance for bilirubin on effective area: 1500μW/cm²

Working Environment

Ambient temperature: +18°C ~ +30°C

Relative humidity: 10% ~ 85%

Atmosphere pressure: 700hpa ~ 1060hpa

Transport and Storage Environment

Environment temperature: -10°C ~ +55°C

Environment relative humidity: ≤95%

Atmosphere pressure: 500hpa ~ 1060hpa

Standard Configuration

Main body (Including the LED radiant source, Control system, Upside Phototherapy, Downside Phototherapy, Infant bed, Bracket), Mattress, Transparent foldable protector, Castors, Two drawers.


Each unit is packed in one case; case size: 80*79*134.5cm; gross weight: 65KG


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