-Touch screen.

-Suitable for different types instruments: Surgical instruments, dental instruments, glass wares, injection units and other objects of compression resistance and hot steam resistance.

-Double lock system- mechanical lock with air lock system.

-Six layer’s new structure chamber, creating new chamber structure:

1. The chamber adopts six layers’ structure, using the special shaping finish drawing technology, dusting and polishing. It has super-strong pressure-bearing properties, and pass 60000 times fatigue life testing, the outer layer adopts the superfine micropore foaming technique.

2. As the tray rack can rotates to 90 degrees, 5 trays can be used for placing instruments.

-Two condensers, faster cooling, prolongs life time.

-Safety valve: release pressure overload, and restores idle chamber pressure when the chamber is over-pressured.

-Air filter: filter airborne impurities into the chamber to prevent contamination.

-Big capacity open tank:

1. Open tank, easy-to-clean.

2. Built-in water quality sensor monitors water quality, reduces machine failure rate, and prolongs machine life time.

-Two types of record (dual recording)

1. USB Master controller stores 2,000 fresh cycles; the data can be downloaded via USB. You can check and print all the records with a computer

2. Micro-Printer (Optional) Prints cycle data when the cycle ends


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