1. The medical instruments destroyer is the mechanical and electrical tech combination which can instantly melt the syringe needle, cut the tubing, push rod and rubber piston, thus to completely eradicate the reuse preventing the virus infections;

2. Casing antibacterial: the casing and components all applied special efficient inorganic antibacterial materials, it contains silver particle element which have good antibacterial performance, as well as the high safety and heat resistance;

3. Reliable performance: combination of mechanical and electrical tech. Automatic reaction device, instantly melt the needle and mechanically cut the tubing, push rod and rubber piston for the one-time destroying purpose.

4. Special alloy with features of high melting point, corrosion preventive and good conductivity is used for needle melting.

5. The protection part is once molded by insulated and fireproof material, not only increase the safety factor but also extend the service life.

6. The tubing cutting tool is treated electrochemically, resistant to wear and corrosion;

7. Reasonable structure: specially designed 45℃ insert and vertical insert modes;

8. Easy operation: just gradually insert the syringe needle;

9. Not easy to pollute: specially designed fully enclosed structure, easy to disinfect;

10. Easy cleaning: equipped with drawer type debris collection box, easy to wash and disinfect;

11. The products meet related requirements of IEC61010-1.


1. Destroying scope: disposable syringes of all kinds;

2. Power supply: AC220V±22V,50Hz±1Hz;

3. Input: ≤80VA;

4. Work transient current: ≥1.5A;

5. Destroying time: ≤3s;

6. Nosie: ≤50dB(A).


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