1.Compact structure design, excellent coverage performance, support full-body multi-angle photography.

2. Easy to operate, accurate positioning, optimize the work flow.

3. Power supply voltage, tube voltage and tube current are displayed separately for easy observation.

4. kV, mA, S three parameters of subsection grade interlocking protection.


1. Power Supply:

a) Supply Voltage: 380V±10%.

b) Power Resistance: 0.24Ω(380V), 0.08Ω(220V).

c) Power frequency: 50Hz±1Hz.

d) Power Capacity: 25kVA.

2. Manual Perspective:

a) kV: 50~125kV (1kV/ Gear).

b) mA: 50 mA(Small focus), 100 mA(Small focus), 100 mA, 200 mA, 300 mA.

c) Time of exposure: 0.1~6.3s (Select by R10 series).

3. X ray tube:

a) Type: XD51-20.40/125.

b) Small focus: 1.0 x1.0mm2.

c) Large focus: 2.0 x2.0 mm2.

d) 2800 r/min.

4. Combination of loading factors:


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