AR-7900H is a dual functional machine integrated digital radiography and digital fluoroscopy into one machine. It can work in radiology department where in Medical Center, Diagnostic Center, Health Examination Center, Orthopedics and Trauma for doing radiography and fluoroscopy exams like, Chest, limbs abdomen, lumbar etc whole body part radiography and fluoroscopy like esophagography, pyelography, salpingography, chest fluoroscopy, abdomen fluoroscopy etc.


Digital radiography:

Head, chest, lumbar, abdomen,limbs in each clinical departments.

Digital fluoroscopy:

Suitable for various parts of the body (such as chest X-ray, abdominal X-ray, etc.)

Digital angiography :

such as esophagography, pyelography, salpingography.

lnterventional operations under fluoroscopy Foreign body removal under fluoroscopy, puncture under fluoroscopy, bone restoration under fluoroscopy, etc

Precise Radiography:

visual inspection, find lesions, and accurately locate point films.

Multi-dimensional Radiography:

Oblique photography to meet the shooting needs of special parts of the human body.

Special Radiography:

meets the shooting needs of standard chest radiographs or pneumoconiosis identification.

Spine stitching Radiography:

whole spine and lower extremities.


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