Professional medical image processing software

1. Quick imaging:Imaging time below 6S to meet large-scale medical examination requirements.

2. Image replay:Image thumbnail display, sequence playback tool, digital image replay.

3. Image processing:Window width/window position adjustment, arrow, text and other labels, angle, distance measurement, image zoom, pan, left and right flip, up and down, rotation, black and white inversion, shadow screen selection.

4. Image storage:Image real-time storage, DICOM image sending, disc burning, export storage (optional in a variety of storage formats: Bitmap, Jepg, AVI and other office software directly used in Word and PowerPoint, convenient for doctors to diagnose reports and paper writing.

5. DICOM 3.0:Perfect compatibility with brand laser cameras and PACS systems.

6. Medical records management:Database management, graphic reporting, support for WORKLIST


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