Description of equipment:

Mainly used in abdomen, Urology, obstetrics and Gynecology, blood vessel, etc..

Functional characteristics:

1. High definition and multifunctional trolley type full digital ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus

2. The image is clear and the operation is convenient

3. 15 inch LCD

4. Powerful image post-processing functions

5. The first class digital imaging technology, the image is clearer

6. DBF all digital beam-forming

7. DRF real-time dynamic reception of focus by point by point

8. DRA real-time dynamic sound velocity change

9. THI tissue harmonic imaging

10. RDA real-time dynamic aperture imaging

11. DFS numerical control dynamic frequency scanning

12. RDF real-time dynamic filtering

13. A stable and concise operating system

14. Backlight silicone keyboard, more comfortable and wearable, darkroom use no

longer worry

15. Intelligent menu, human-computer dialogue is easy and quick

16. Shows two puncture guide lines, adjustable angles and positions.

17. The multiple rate shows that the diagnosis is more accurate.

18. External USB storage, image uploading more convenient

19. Large volume movie playback, image automatic circulation demonstration

20. Abundant measurement functions: distance, circumference, area, volume,

21. obstetric table, heart software package, etc

Performance introduction


1. Medical device quality management system (ISO13485) certification

2. Equipment inspection report

3. EC Authentication

4. Two years of quality assurance


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