Summary of main specifications and system of laptop 5D color

Doppler ultrasound

I. Features

For Abdominal, OB&GYN ,Cardiac, Urinary, Small Parts, Superficial, Vascular, Pediatrics (neonatal), MSK, Physical examination and other aspects of examination and diagnosis.

1. Ultrasonic host operating system: Windows 8 operating system

2. Spectrum pulse Doppler

3. Direction energy Doppler

4. Real time three Synchronization

5. Space composite imaging

6. Organized harmonic imaging

7. 2B/4B mode

8. Language:CN/EN/FR/SP/RU

9. Monitor:15 inches, high definition medical LED display

10. Display 0-180°adjustable

11. Physical clipboard: save the image on the left side of the screen, which can be directly saved or deleted.

12. System is upgradable

13. Presetting:For different inspections, preset inspection conditions for optimized images, reduce adjustments during operation, and commonly required external adjustments and combined adjustments

14. Support real-time 5D function

15. ONE active probe connectors

16. Support Trapezoidal imaging

III. Product Configuration

1.Standard Configuration:

Portable Color Ultrasonic Diagnostic Apparatus 1 Set,

Probes :Convex Probe,

Two Years free warranty,

Life-long maintenance after the expiration of the warranty period, and free upgrade and maintenance of the workstation software involved.

2. Optional Configuration:

Probes :Linear Probe、Micro-convex Probe(R20)、Phased array Probe、Transvaginal Probe、4D Volume Probe.

Video Printer,



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