– Detect the blood stream status of arterial/venous by 8.0MHz, detect the blood flow average velocity, and detect the result of finger/toes and part of body’s vein anatomies operation.

– Detect the blood flow average velocity, detect the result of fingers, toes and part of body’s vein anatomies operation; It can be used to listen the temporo-mandibular joints (They become noisy when they start to brake because of the bite problems), assist doctor to check the conditions of the joints and predict the result of treatment.

– ARV-520T with large color LCD,128 × 96 dots, display average velocity, waveform, probe frequency, time, volume and battery.

– ARV-520T can display unidirectional blood flow. (option: bidirectional blood flow)

– Built-in ARM microprocessor & real-time displays blood flow velocity waveform;

– Choose menu by pressing keys, store 50 curves;

– High-speed USB port, can be connected directly to computer to analyze, store, and print the waveform.

– Automatic power off, special USB port

– Analyze the curve and data by V-LINK software

– Detect the pulse rate and show PR simultaneously (option)

– PPG probe (for option)

– software (for option)


– Ultrasonic frequency: 8.0MHz±10%

– Battery: 7.4V/900mAhrechargeable Lithium

– Input voltage: DC 9V 1000mA

– Doppler frequency: 100–7000Hz

– Working temperature: 10-40℃

– Humidity: ≤80%

– Atmospheric pressure: 86–106kPa

Normative Collocation

charger, 60g Gel, Gallus, portable soft handbag. (Option: 5.0 MHz, earphone)

Packing Size

6PCS/CTN, 49*26*33CM, 5KG/CTN


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