– Doppler Vascular Detector ARV-650 offers a full-featured ABI/vascular system for the diagnosis of peripheral arterial disease (P.A.D.) that is fast, efficient. It has 3 modalities for obtaining systolic pressures and ankle waveforms.

– Either a bi-directional Doppler probe or pulse volume recording (PVR) can be used to obtain ankle waveforms.


– 5.7-inch touch screen TFT

– Obtains two pressures at each ankle site (PVR and DOPPLER)

– Automated segmental studies to customize the item

– Automatic ABI, TBI and segmental calculation

– Performs the Seated ABI on mobility impaired patients

– Bi-Directional Doppler probe

– PVR waveform modality & PPG probe to obtain toe and limb pressures


– ABI ankle-brachial index (ABI), TBI Toe Brachial Index, ABI Seated ABI Exam, segmental exams, automatic calculation of the indices
– Control Modalities: Automatic Cuff Inflation/Deflation and hand-held controller
– Wave Modalities: bi-directional doppler, Pulse Volume Recording (PVR), (PPG) photoplethysmogra
– Doppler characteristic: Bi-directional Continuous wave (CW), Waveform amplitude accuracy: +/-10%
– Probe:8.0 MHz
– PPG characteristic: Wavelength: 940nm, Synchronous demodulation, AC paired
– PVR characteristic: Bandwidth 0.16 – 12.5 Hz, AC paired
– Pressure characteristics:

Measuring range: 0-265mmHg

Accuracy: +/-3mmHg 0-200mmHg

Pressure safety: >280mmHg automatically deflated;

         >100mmHg automatically deflated after 3 minutes
– Deflated speed: Under normal circumstances 2.5mmHg/sec
– screen: 5.6 inch, TFT (640*RGB*480)
– Printer: Paper wide: 80 mm, Printing wide: 70 mm, Resolution 8 points/mm
– Data storage and transmission: store maximum of 100 patients’ data, transmit to computer via USB2.0
– Power supply: 100-240VAC, 50-60Hz
– Built-in battery: Ni-MH rechargeable batteries group, 12 V, 1800mAh

Packing Size

1PC/CTN, 42*25*32CM, 6KG/CTN


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