BG-V5 : pH、pO2、pCO2、Hct、K+、Na+、Cl-、Ca2+

BG-V5A: pH、pO2、pCO2、Hct

BG-V5E: pH、pO2、pCO2、Hct、K+、Na+、Cl-、Ca2+、Glu、Lac

Sample type

serum, whole blood, arterial blood, venous blood, plasma, urine, CSF



Calculation Parameters


Arteriovenous combination calculation parameters



1. 12.1 inches color LCD touch screen, large data storage space

2. Disposable dry lactate-glucose electrode with innovative technology, upto 30 days or more on-board shelf life

3. More than 32 calculated parameters, a variety of test combinations

4. Built-in expert auxiliary diagnosis system, video instruction and online help

5. Multi-specification reagent packs (25 tests/pack-2000 tests/pack): stored at room temperature for 9 months, valid for up to 45 days on-board

6. Integrated cleaning solution pack to avoid biological pollution and without waste till used up

7. Automatic sample aspiration and sample needle cleaning, support capillary, arterial blood syringe, test tube, etc.

8. Support arterial-venous blood combination test and provide more clinical parameters

9. Sample analysis speed ≈ 60S (with lactate-glucose <90 S), blood volume for the whole parameters <170 ul 10. Built-in multi-level quality control rules, quality control charts, quality control data, printable and exportable 11. Support two-way LIS, built-in WiFi, 4G, and remote maintenance system 12. Built-in CCD barcode scanner and wide-format thermal printer, support external usb printer 13. Built-in UPS, optional trolley and external large-capacity UPS 14. Can replace electrolyte analyzers with low cost and no waste 15. Can replace lactate/glucose analyzer with low cost and no waste


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