The ECG-C03B is an advanced and reliable ECG machine helping clinicians make fast and accurate ECG diagnosis. It is configured with color screen, high accuracy thermal printing system and big capacity battery power supply, with multi working modes and rich menu setting to improve using experiences. This machine can analyze over 200 kinds of abnormal ECG. It can be widely used in various medical institutions or occasions.

Product Features

Sampling and Interpretation

– Acquisition and record standard 12 lead ECG simultaneously (I, II, III, aVR, aVL, aVF, V1, V2, V3, V4, V5, V6).

– High accuracy AC filter, EMG filter and base line anti-drift filter. Automatic base line adjustment.

– Accurate pulse pace identification function.

– Excellent auto-interpretation function can identify and analyze over 200 kinds of abnormal ECG. (Analysis data base: Minnesota Code).


– 8 dots, high resolution thermal printing.

– Four working modes: Auto, Manual, Rhythm, Exam. to meet different clinical requirements.

– Recording format: 3chx4, 3chx4+R

– Printing paper size: 80mmx20m, roll paper. (Thermal paper without grid is also available.)

Patient Information and File Management

– Easy to input and edit patient information.

– Can record detailed patient information, including name, ID, age, gender, nation, medical card number and hospital name.

– Can store, replay and edit 400 ECG cases with internal memory card.

– Patient ECG report can be transferred to external USB disk.

Display and Keypad

– 320×240 graphic, 3.5inch color LCD to display detailed ECG waveform and working status. (Display ECG waveform, patient information, sensitivity, paper speed, filter, date and time, heart rate, battery status, paper status and etc.)

– Soft silicon keyboard to operate and input information.

– One-key operation to support fast ECG examination.

Power Supply

– Rechargeable built-in Li-ion battery, 2200mAh, 14.4V, support to continuously work about 9 hours.

– Fast charging design, about 2.5 hours to charge full.

– Adapt for power supply of 110-230V, 50/60Hz.

Physical Design

– Compact and ergonomic design, easy to carry and operate.

– Small size and light weight, very convenient for mobile diagnostics.

– Measurement: 300mmx230mmx75mm, 2.8kgs.


– With UART and USB communication port.

– Support transferring ECG files to external USB disk. Uses can manage the ECG files in computer.

– Support connecting to bar-cold scanner to scan patient code.


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