Small but mighty, ESWL-108A is the most cost-effective shock wave medical device. It’s easy to install, use, and maintain. With the auto distance measurement system, the ultrasound imaging for stone localization could be very prompt and precise.

Simple Structure

The whole system consists of an ultrasound, a main unit, and a console, offering smooth operation and convenient maintenance.

Convenient Localization

Ultrasound localization with an accurate and rapid automatic distance measuring system provides easy stone tracking.

Operation Safety

ESWL system with ultrasound localization only, free from radiation, safer for physician and patient.


Simple lithotripter with high performance to ensure excellent but affordable fragmentation effect.

Reliable Generator

Configuration with electromagnetic shock wave source.

Shockwave Source

Working principle: Electromagnetic shockwave generator

Focus range: 7*7*40mm

Penetration depth: 130mm(standard), 150mm(optional)

Coupling: Dry coupling (cushion)

Frequency: 0.5 ~ 3 Hz

ECG Triggering: Optional

Power Supply

Voltage: AC 220V/230V, 50/60Hz

Weight: 400kg

Packing Size: 4cbm


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