– Reprocessing two dialyzers simultaneously working more effectively.

– Compatible with many brands of disinfectant saving 90% of the cost.

– Automatic disinfectant dilution – Accuracy & Safe

– Anti-cross infection control – extra blood port header to prevent infection among patients

– Double printing design

a. Built-in printer easy for safekeeping

b. External adhesive sticker printer (optional)

– Record function: Name, Sex, Date, Time, Case No etc.

– 51 patented technology – Ensure stable performance/ technical lead.

– Data storage is greater than 160G, the dialysis patients’ relevant data can be stored more than 50 years (Optional)

– Adopt pulsating current oscillation technique to process these procedures including positive and reverse rinse as well as positive and reverse UF. This way can eliminate the leftover in the dialyzer

– In a short time to resume cell volume to prolong life span of dialyzers.

– The accurate and efficient test of TCV and blood leak reflect directly the situation of the reprocessing, thus assured the safety of the whole process.

– Free from compound disinfectant every day, 100% easy!

– Free from the risk of burning clothing or skin during dilution the disinfectant, 100% safe.

– Free from human error lead to the incorrect disinfectant ratio, 100% precision.

– Humanized LCD display and touch screen control technology in English make the operation simpler.

– Dialyzer model, volume, UF coefficient etc. Stored in the machine, make the operation easier and precision.

– Troubleshooting tips and shooting alarm when without R.O water, disinfectant or pressure, volume, affusion invalid. Timely remind the operator to process.

Main Work Flow

– Rinse: Adopting pulsating current oscillation technique. Using RO water to rinse the dialyzer.

– Clean: Sucking and diluting the disinfectant then cleaning the dialyzer.

– Test: Use RO water to rinse the dialyzer. a. Automatically testing the capacity of the blood chamber to check whether the membrane is broken or not. b. Automatically testing the pressure.

– Affusion: Sucking and diluting the disinfectant automatically according to the volume of the dialyzer.


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