-Working time modes: from 10 sec,up to 99 h: 59 min: 59 sec;short

centrifugation;continuous work

-Max RCF: 26500xg

-Temperature range: -20℃+40℃

-Temperature precision: ±2℃

-Voltage: 230 V ~ 50 / 60Hz

-Max RPM: 20000RPM, stepless speed adjustment

-Rotor capacity: Angle rotor 1.5/2ml*12 (Standard Rotor 1)

-Dimension: 760*520*390mm; Weight: 100kg

-Horizontal type

-DC brushless frequency motor, LED/LCD display speed, RCF and time

-French refrigeration compressor,CFC free

-Enabling automatic malfunction alarm

-With safety switch and electromagnetic door locks

-Touch panel control, the error code display,Indication for sample temperature

-Suitable for researches on genes and protein nucleic acid

-Select rotation speed (RPM) with step of 10

-Select centrifugal force (RCF) with step of 10

-Ability to save 99 programs with stored centrifugal parameters and rotor types

-Minimum 10 degrees of acceleration and braking (gear control 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/0)

-Chamber: material – stainless steel; pre-cooling program

-Automatic rotor identification

-Protection against exceeding the maximum speed immediately after rotor placement

-Imbalance protection standardized for the installed rotor

-Audio signal for the end of the spin program

-Noise level – ≤ 60 dB

-Optional: LCD display; inverter motor; fixed-angle and swing-out rotors for different volumes of round or conical tubes; vacutainers; PCR strips; microtiter plates, adapters


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