Product Introduction

The HC-25 CO2/SpO2 monitor is a compact handful monitor which provides accurate CO2 /SpO2 monitoring. The system’s reliable performance, ease of use, flexible design and affordable cost makes it the ideal monitoring solution for adult, pediatric and infant patients; patients undergoing procedural sedation; and short- term monitoring of patients.

HC-25 automatically identifies and quantifies the end-tidal CO2, inspired CO2 and respiration rate. The system uses with a 2.8 inch colorful LCD and its Lithium battery can support 8 hours at most. Additionally, it could save historical data automatically in a SD card and users could review these data through a PC software.

Product Features

1. Monitors end-tidal CO2 and inspired CO2 accurately at high respiration rate

2. Gas monitor with cutting-edge water filter tube

3. Easy to learn, easy to use-simplified menus and dedicated function keys

4. Compensation including barometer pressure, oxygen, N20 and anesthetic gas

5. 8 hours working time, 24 hours standby time

6. 96 hours historical data replay on PC


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