I. Clinical significance

1. Confirm the position and patency of trachea cannula

2. Monitor the circulatory function / Evaluate the effectiveness of CPR

3. Transport use

4. Monitor the ventilation function

5. Monitor the supersession function / Early diagnose malignant hyperthermia

6. Find the fault of ventilator and Anaesthesia machine

7. Auxiliary diagnosis of pulmonary embolism

8. Good relativity with PaCO2 to reduce the frequency of blood gas analysis and palliate sufferings of patients

II. Feature

1. Slim shape, thickness is only 24mm,one-handed performance

2. Easy operation with 4.0″ touch LCD display, screen lock function

3. 16G mass storage, can store more than 100000 patient’s information and data

4. Continuous real time when power off

5. Patient’s information &data, tendency chart automatic storage when power off

6. Auto brightness adjustment according to the environmental brightness changes

7. Support 7-20 hours continuous work

III. Characteristic

1. Read the data directly via PC, no need extra software

2. Multifunctional USB port: storage, data output, fast charging

IV. Product Details

1.Patient data return visit

Review the patient’s information and measured data, tendency

2.Various mounting solution

Pole stand

Wall mounting rack

Desktop bracket

3.Remote network solution

WIFI, Bluetooth, APP, Telemedcine, Cloud service

4.Professional ETCO2 Solutions

Degermed, xerantic, integrated-sampling tube, fast plug in&out

AwRR 160/min

Support gas compensation (O2,N2O and other-anesthetic-gases

Built-in,side-stream,EtCO2 module, main-stream is optional

V. Technical Specifications

1. Size:148(L)*76(W)*24(H)

2. Weight:250g

3. Touch LCD display:4″ 800*600 dpi

4. Internal memory:16G SD card

5. Storage temperature:-20 °C – 55 °C

6. Usage temperature:0 – 40 °C

7. Humidity:15%-95%

8. Power:5V DC,USB

9. Charger:100-240V AC,50/60HZ

10. Lithium battery:3.7V DC 3500mah

11. Continuous working time:7 hour (CO2+SPO2)

12. Out put:USB, BLE, WLAN, SPO2

13. Range:0%-100%

14. Precision:±2% ( 70%-100% Adult/Paed ),±3% ( 70%-100% Neonate )

15. Resolution: ±1%







±2% (70%-100% Adult/Paed)

±3% (70%-100% Neonate)


Range: 0-20% 0-150mmhg

±2% 0-40mmhg


±8% 71-100mmhg

±10% 101-150mmhg
Sampling rate:50±10ml/min

Range:3-160 rmp/min
Gas compensation:O2, N2O and anesthetic
Pressure compensation: automatic 400-800 mmhg
Sampling tube: degermed, xerantic, intergrated, fast plug in & out


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