Adjustable LCD display screen

Tilt color screen provides you with clear view from any position such as sitting and standing.

Sensitive touch LCD display screen

You just touch the screen to finish your measurement, the operation could be easier and more convenient. This new generation auto lensmeter is based on Hartmann Sensor technology. Advanced simultaneous measurement of 108 points provides a faster measurement with greater accuracy and reliability.

Measurement screen

Easy to use with recognizable icons.

The JD-2600A provides a user-friendly graphical interface for an immediate understanding.

Progressive measurement

A graph helps the operator to improve accuracy and speed in the measurement of near and far vision.

Automatic recognition of single and progressive lens

Hi-speed UV measurement

Just hold the lens through the sensor, the display will easily indicate the UV measurement by the progress bar.

Built-in thermal printer

Quick data print with built-in printer. Easy to reload printing paper.

Built-in UV tester


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