Ø Patented Rail-Type sampling method.

Ø Automated filtering negative samples, negative filter rate >80% .

Ø Patented sample collection cup uses double-chamber design with double-filtering, fully mixing and better filtering, specially

Ø design for normal and watery specimen.

Ø Patented “bullet-cartridge” design and moisture-proof card collection device,maximum 200 tests available,without manual operation.

Ø High-precision quartz-based counting chamber and imported pinch valve,Prevent pipeline blocking and cross contamination.

Ø FOB, TF, bacteriology, virology and other related cards combinable, up to 6 items can be detect in one sample.

Ø Specially design for exhaust gas treatment, improving clinical laboratory environment.

Ø Automated interpret colors and characters of the sample.

Ø Double microscopy screening; Automated recognize and locate the formed elements by AI technology, reduce review workloads.

Ø Multi-layer and multi-photo scanning , same effect as microscopic fine turning.

Ø Duplex communication; automatically detect after barcode screening.

Ø Keyu Bio quality controls available, Including Fecal form element controls, Multi-level FOB/TF controls.

Test Items

Ø Microscopic Exam: Visible Formed Elements in feces (cells, eggs, fat globules etc.) can be detected and identified;

Ø Physical Test: Physical parameters like color, character, etc. can be evaluated by automatic image captured;

Ø FOB Detection: Automatic analysis of fecal occult blood and transferrin through Colloidal gold method test parameters;

Ø Virological Test: Colloidal gold method test parameters, like rotavirus, adenovirus, coxsackie virus etc. can be evaluated automatically.

Ø Bacteriological Test: Colloidal gold method test parameters, like helicobacter pylori etc. can be evaluated automatically;

Ø Various Combinations:

Microscopy + FOB

Microscopy + FOB +TF

Microscopy +TF +HP

Microscopy +Rotavirus

Microscopy +Rotavirus+Adenovirus

Microscopy +Rotavirus+Adenovirus+Calprotectin

Working Principle

Ø Physical Test:Automated photograph and save the sample Characteristics diagram, The sample information transfer to host instrument with built-in barcode reader or

external barcode gun.

Ø Morphological Test: Automated photograph the formed elements through objective lens, sieve the nagative samples and auxiliary interpret the positive samples.

Ø Digestive Tract Occult Blood and Pathogens Detection: Automatically photographed and interpretate on various cards of FOB, virology and bacteriology by the device



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