-Time: 0-99min

-Max RCF: 4390xg

-Temperature range: -5℃ ~ +30℃

-Temperature precision: ±2℃

-Voltage: 220V 50Hz

-Max RPM: 5000RPM, stepless speed adjustment

-Max capacity: swing rotor 250ml*4, 50ml*8, 15ml*28, 10ml*36

-Dimension: 500*630*700mm; Weight: 85kg

-Vertical type

-DC brushless frequency motor

-French refrigeration compressor

-LED display speed, RCF and time

-Automatic malfunction alarm

-Touch panel control

-With safety switch and electromagnetic door locks

-Error code display

-It is suitable for the separation of suspended substances form liquid (e.g. blood plasma) in research institutes of biology, chemistry, public health, medicine, food and environment protection.


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