Product Introduction

N cassette autoclave is a kind of automatic autoclave which using high pressure steam as the medium. It can be used in medical organizations like dental clinics, ophthalmology department, E.N.T. department, gynecology department, surgical operation room to sterilize the surgical instrument, glassware. etc


-Safe: The short heat time for medical instrument, make the instrument safety and keep the working life longer.

-Convenience: Simple operating, sterilize cassette can be used as loading and transport tools, as well as storage. Easily sterilize and use.

-Micro-computer control, LCD screen, touch button input.

-Temperature, pressure, time, working status, error alarm can be displayed on screen.

-Displace, heating, pressure rising, sterilizing, exhaust, dry. Whole cycle is controlled by computer to realize automatic running.

-Build-in steam generator, steam source is not needed from outside.

-Digital printer can print the cycle time and various parameters of the running cycle.

Technical parameters:

Design pressure: 0.28Mpa

Sterilization Temp range: 105℃-136℃

Temperature display precision: 0.1℃

Maximum Working Pressure 0.24Mpa

Chamber material: SUS304 Stainless Steel

Design temperature: 150

Temperature uniformity: <+_0.5℃


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