Product Instruction

Digital Cassette Sterilizer is a fully automatic rapid sterilization equipment that uses pressure steam as a medium. Suitable for sterilization of medical devices that can withstand steam pressure, such as dental handpieces, ophthalmic precision instruments, dental rigid endoscope and surgical instrument, etc.



The entire process takes only 9-12 minutes. Applicable to continuous surgery to improve clinical work efficiency.


Reduce the heating time of sterilization equipment and extend the service life of the equipment.


The sterilization box can be used as a vehicle, and one machine can be equipped with multiple boxes, which is easy to operate.


digital intelligent control, sterilization curve, pressure, temperature, time, status can be real-time displayed; alarm record, sterilization record can be digitally saved.

A variety of parameter output methods:

U disk storage, built-in microcomputer control system storage, standard equipped with built-in printer.


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