OCT2020 uses LSLO technology, with up to 2.65mm scan depth, and the lateral resolution of retinal fundus image is up to 5 um. Equipped with professional analysis software, OCT2020 can obviously show the macular thickness under the macular thickness analysis model, which helps accurately identify clinical macular diseases.

Deep to the Bottom of Fundus

The scan depth is up to 2.65mm, reaching to the choroid and even the sclera. Fully display of all layers during one scan. The scan depth (imaging depth) is one of the most important performance parameters in the OCT system. OCT2020 has an obvious advantage in depth, that is, the choroid imaging is clearer without affecting the axial resolution. It has significant advantages for funds diseases involving high depth and high resolution, such as choroid disease diagnosis.

Wide to the Edge of Vision

Large scanning range, clear macular and optic disc area at a glance.

Auto Focus

OCT2020 can automatically complete the tracking of fundus and macula, detect and calibrate the central part of the pupil, detect and adjust the focus and fault position, and display retina layers of high-definition. The whole acquiring time is limited to 5 seconds, greatly saving the diagnosis time for

Scan mode

OCT2020 has a variety of scan modes, including area scan, HD one line scan and multilines scan.

Area scan: 512*64, range 6mm*6mm\range 12mm*12mm

HD one line scan: 2048*30, length 6mm; 1024*30, length 12mm Multilines scan: 5 lines parallel scan, Radiation scan, Circular scan

Glaucoma Analysis

Accurately measure the retinal thickness around the fovea and compare

It with the age-related normal date to analyze the deviation of

Perform circular scan around the optic papilla, automatically quantify the optic nerve thickness, and compare the thickness with database, so as to examine the atrophy of the optic nerve as an early sign of glauco-ma.

Follow-up, a More Efficient Patient Management

Accurate and rapid scan helps follow up the disease changes, making diagnosis more efficient and easier.

OCT2020 can automatically record current scanning position of macular and eyeball and intelligently locate the previous scanning position in the later follow-up examination, to ensure that two scans are in thaname position. Based on the trend analysis of retinal thickness in different stages, perform long-term follow-up examinations and trend analysis.

Anterior Segment Examination

Cornea scan

l HD scan, multiple images combined to produce better image, clear cornea structure

l Auto measurement and manual measurement for each cornea layer thickness


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