Best solution for wide range of X-ray surgery diagnostic and treatment procedures with the use of C-arm unit and as a part of an angiographic complex;
Carbon fiber top, high durability, low X-ray absorption and radiation exposure;
Height, longitudinal tilt, lateral tilt adjustments as well as longitudinal, lateral and diagonal shifts done with the help of electric drives impelled by remote control;
Operation control through 2 corded consoles, joystick and pedals;
Option to integrate the table to an angiographic complex;
Antidecubitus padding with antistatic coating for maximum patient comfort;
Long-lasting self-powered operation, increased battery capacity;
Equipped with set of accessories for general surgery (KPP-01);
Warranty 24 months.
Horizontal position of table top in two planes is done by any of operation controls;
Battery charging indicator;
Charging ability at any time (no “memory” effect of the battery);
Double castors for high maneuverability;
Push bar for transporting;
Castor brake pedal;
Floor fixing pedal;
10×25 mm stainless steel multipurpose rails for accessory mounting.
Lifting/lowering of the table top – electromechanical;
Trendelenburg/reverse Trendelenburg – electromechanical;
Lateral tilt – electromechanical;
Longitudinal shift – electromechanical;
Lateral shift – electromechanical;
Horizontal position of table top in two planes – electromechanical;
Brakes control by foot pedal.
Additional options:
Mounted stainless steel instrumental plate;
Cross bar for accessories setting up
Side table plank extender
Arms protection
Pedal control unit
Table top X-Ray attenuation (without mattress) equals aluminum equivalence, mm about 0,8
Adjustments electromechanical drive
Table height (without mattress), mm 790…1090
Table top length, mm 2100
Table top width, mm 580
Table top width (incl. side rails), mm 630
Longitudinal tilt (Trendelenburg/reverse Trendelenburg) ±24˚
Lateral tilt ±18˚
Longitudinal shift, mm 400
Lateral shift, mm 200
Operation control remote control, operating console, joystick
Castor size (with brakes), mm Ø125
Castor size (without brakes), mm Ø75
Supply voltage 220 V, 50 Hz
Electric drives supply voltage 2 pcs х (2 pcs х 12 V = 24 V)
Protection degree (according to GOST 1425) IPХ4
Batteries charging time, h 12…14
Power consumption during battery charging, max 100
Side rails size, mm 10×25
Safe working load, kg 220
Table weight, kg 315
Table weight (with accessories), kg 350


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