Heat disinfection system

– Adopt the heat disinfection system to disinfect RO membrane, RO water supplying tube, tube for connecting with hd machine and port.

a. No chemical leftover

b. Environmental protection

c. No endotoxin leftover

Frequency converter control system

a. Apply the frequency converter and microelectronics technology to control the power control system of AC motor through changing the frequency of the motor.

b. Strictly control the water temperature in the range between 85 and 95℃.

Online Monitoring

– Online chlorine and hardness monitoring

Bacteria Filter

– Remove the endotoxin in RO water by constant UF.

– Belowing items in the recycling RO water in tube can be removed.

a. microorganism

b. Suspicious particles

c. biofilm fragment

d. endotoxin

Water Treatment System

– Sediment filter (With automatic rinsing device): Removal of particulate and ferri ion from the water

– Carbon filter (With automatic rinsing device): Removal of chlorine and soluble organic matter.

– Softener filter (With automatic rinsing and regeneration device): Remove calcium and magnesium from the water so as to decrease the hardness of water.

– Guard filter: Designed to remove particles in the range 1 to 5 microns in diameter so as to protect the RO membrane.

– RO model: Removal of the ion, bacteria, pyrogen and so on.

– RO water supply: The design of constant pressure inside circulation tube can ensure the safety and stability of hd treatment.

– Controller: Automatic system

– Disinfection device: Automatic disinfection control system, safe and user friendly.

Parameter and Function

– Water quality: AAMI/ASAIO standard.

– High quality of RO membrane (DOW), booster pump and controller.

– These automatic functions including flushing after machine is on, interval rinsing and disinfection ensure convenience as it is no need for users to wait.

– The design of seamless membrane house and no dead angle in circulation tube avoid bacteria growth effectively.

– First and second grade can be used separately so as to ensure normal water production during maintenance.

– Constant pressure supply in soft water tank further ensures the stability of the device and safety of the water quality.

– These monitoring and alarming functions including on line water quality, no water, pressure and voltage enhance the safety of the device.

– Recycle the concentrated water so as to save water.

– Sanitary materials, compact design and touch screen interface.

– Remote online monitoring (Optional function).


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