Features & Applications

The cabinet utilize the physical characteristics of the saturated steam, which would release large amounts of latent heat and humidity during condensation, and with a period of time to keep the objects at high temperature and moist condition, the main protein of the bacteria would be solidified so that the bacteria can be killed.


The main body is with horizontal rectangle double layer structure, the inside chamber is made of SUS30408 or SUS31608 Stainless steel, the outer layer is made of the brushed decorative sheet, and the there is motorized door or sliding door for choose, pneumatic sealing, and the double door interlocking are strictly in accordance with the GSSD required.

The control system: Adopt the Siemens PLC and Siemens touch screen.

The piping system:

Adopt with the reliable Germany Burkert or GEMU pneumatic angle type value, water ring vacuum pump and 0.22um high efficiency sterile medical grade filters, the pipe clamp adopts the quick connectors, the piping and the related spares are all according to the sanitation standard.

The characteristics for the software

With Germany Siemens PLC platform independent research and development, human-Machin Interaction, convenient for operation.

Software design and manufacture products in strict accordance with the technical requirements for the sterilization process.

The Operating authority is divided into three levels to the manager, the technologist, and the operators.

Program interlocked, by the program is running, the sealing door cannot be open.

All the alarm and the technical figures can be recorded and print.

If the inner chamber is higher than the safety pressured, the door cannot be open.

Perfect products safety protection measure, 4 level emergency treatment of abnormal state.

Sterilizing Cycles

The sterilization cycle to the solid objects:

Applied to the instruments, dressing, utensils and other items


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