Discover our complete range of lightweight clothing with a comfortable design for radiation protection for all types of procedures.

Traceability and washing. The uniqueness of SIMAD x-ray PPE

Each SIMAD x-ray ppe can be equipped with the iRad INSIDE system for identification and management through our iRadProMap® software.

Grazie alla tecnologia proprietaria iRadW&D, ogni DPI può essere completamente lavato e sanificato dentro e fuori, senza influire sul fattore di attenuazione (compatibile con il sistema di lavaggio completo CLEANiRad)

Fully compliant radioprotective materials
We use the latest generation radioprotective materials certified to the IEC61331-1: 2014 and IEC61331-3: 2014 to provide products that meet all the necessary directives and standards.

Three different material compositions to meet every need:
Full Lead Material
Lightweight Lead Composite Material
Innovative Lead Free bi-layer Technology

Three different levels of protection that can be combined to achieve adequate protection:
0.25 mm Pb eq.
0.35 mm Pb eq.
0.50 mm Pb eq.

Wide possibility of customization
Every type of garments are customizable in color, size and optional accessories.

SIMAD complete range of radiation protection apparel comprehend:
X-ray protective aprons for the operator
X-ray protective garments for patients
Complete range of accesories and additional protections
Radiation protective glasses
Radiation protective gloves
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