-This series of stainless steel without water-controlled electric heating distilled water devices to tap water as source of water, electric heating, distillation system, pure water, for health care, pharmaceutical, plating, and laboratory and other departments to use, this product rational structure, easy to use, the operation simple, out of water, large, safe, reliable, stable quality, durable.

-The products are all selected high-quality stainless-steel material; the use of advanced technology means well made.

-Condenser plate stainless steel seamless pipe system, heat exchange efficiency is high, a large amount of water.

-Electrical control devices through low-level liquid level sensor control, and the heating element work. However, an evaporation pan water, this product can automatically cut off the heating power, also issued sound and light alarm, light alarm when the water level out loud, when the water level to re-meet the requirement, to continue to heat.

-The product with water as a source of water for electric heating system to take water distillation methods, with automatic cut off the power without water features, products, reasonable structure, stable performance, easy operation, suitable for medical and health, plating, lab, laboratory and manufacturing medicine departments.


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