1. Sterilizing process: Once get in distilled watered. It has the advantage of rapid circle, easily operation, computer control, needn’t watch for, convenient using.

2. Setting ability: sterilization temperature range is 105~134℃, timer range is 1~99min.

3. Max. temperature: sterilizing temperature is 134℃ which is suitable for 4-6 min. rapid sterilization.

4. Equipped with interior circulate system. Don’t discharge vapor to outside.

5. Sterilizing plate with meshes and cover. After sterilization, it can be closed for using to prevent the second times pollution of sterilizered goods.

6. Equipped with over-temperature and over-pressure protection advice.

7. Equipped with advice that can discharge cold air automatically from disinfection chamber in order to ensure sterilization completely.

8. The door of disinfection chamber equipped with shell to protect operators.

9. The sterilizers are made of stainless steel and wear well.

10. With drying function.


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