ZEUS-400/300/200 up-graded version is a state of the art technology

electrosurgical unit for universal purpose.

– 5 kinds of cut, bipolar and monopolar coagulation.

– Distinguish each working condition by audio sound and LED lamp.

– Best safety with Feedback system.

REM(Return Electrode Monitoring)monitors the size of contacting area between

a patient and the pad, if the size is inappropriate, it automatically blocks the

high-frequecy current to minimize the danger of burning incidents.

– Stable output power.

Unit can stably and stragithly output power by using micro processor.

When the unit turn it off and turn it back on, last set value will be displayed by

flash memory.

– Available bipolar cut of 100W

– Available 10 memories

Mode ZEUS-400 ZEUS-300 ZEUS-200
CUT Pure cut 400W / 300Ω 300W / 300Ω 200W / 300Ω
Blend 1 250W / 300Ω 230W / 300Ω 150W / 300Ω
Blend 2 200W / 300Ω 180W / 300Ω 120W / 300Ω
Blend 3 150W / 300Ω 120W / 300Ω 100W / 300Ω
Coagulation Contact 120W / 300Ω 100W / 300Ω 100W / 300Ω
Spray 100W / 300Ω 80W / 300Ω 80W / 300Ω
Coagulation 100W / 100Ω 80W / 100Ω 80W / 100Ω
Cut 100W / 200Ω 80W / 200Ω 80W / 200Ω
Main Frequency 400, 500 KHz
Power Source AC120V or AC 230V, 50 / 60 Hz
Protection Class Class 1, Type CF
Dimension(WxDxH) 330x455x150 mm
Weight 13.0 Kg

– CE, ISO13485, KFDA certified.


Image Code No. Name Specification
CT01-01R Cart W400xD480xH870(mm)
EL04-04D Electrode Needle angled 45˚ 2.4*70mm, Black
EL04-02D Electrode Needle 2.4*70mm, Black
EL03-02D Electrode Loop 6mm, Black
EL02-02D Electrode Ball 5mm, Black
EL01-02D Electrode Knife 2.4*70mm, Black
BF03-02R Bipolar forceps Angled 17.8cm 1.0 tip
BF03-01R Bipolar forceps Angled 9.0cm 0.5 tip
BF02-03R Bipolar forceps Straight 17.8cm 1.0 tip
BF02-02R Bipolar forceps Straight 12.1cm 1.0 tip
BF02-01R Bipolar forceps Straight 9.0cm 0.5 tip
BF01-02R Bipolar forceps Bayonet 15.2cm 1.0 tip
BF01-01R Bipolar forceps Bayonet 17.8cm 1.0 tip
CA03-01R Ground cable Cable 4Ø, 3m
CA02-03R Patient return plate cable VelleyLab type plug silicon cable 3m
CA01-03R Bipolar forceps cable 2 pin plug silicon cable 3m, EU type connector
CA01-02R Bipolar forceps cable 2 pin plug silicon cable 3m, EN type connector
CA01-01R Bipolar forceps cable 2 pin plug cable 3m, EN type connector
HD02-01D Disposable twin button handle 3 pin plug cable 3m
HD01-02R Monopolar handle & cable Silicon cable 4Ø, 3m
HD01-01R Monopolar handle & cable Silicon cable 4Ø, 3m
PL03-03D Disposable patient plate Pediatric dual(68 cm2)
PL03-02D Disposable patient plate Adult dual(131cm2)
PL02-06R Silicon patient plate 110mm x 80mm valleyLab type plug cable 2m
PL02-05R Silicon patient plate 165mm x 90mm valleyLab type plug cable 2m
PL02-04R Silicon patient plate 240mm x 150mm valleyLab type plug cable 3m
ST03-01R Latex Perforated Strap 600×1250 mm (WxL), 60 hole
FS02-01R Double foot switch 4 pin plug cable 4m
FS01-02R Single foot switch 3 pin plug cable 4m


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